We consider security as an element of "feel safe", giving you the assurance of leaving your home in good hands, knowing that it is secured by the technology that: Detect, Report, and Alert. Our security division was established in 1994 with the idea of providing our customers with services and facilities as versatile and technologically advanced, to satisfy a market that is becoming increasingly important in the global integration.

With more than 1,000 systems installed, including residential, commercial and industrial. The symbiosis of systems of various kinds of protection against fire, intrusion and access control demonstrate the effectiveness of our perimeter security to protect your loved ones, your property, and your possessions. Guaranteed protection, backed by unbeatable performance and ongoing support in place, the strength of our company in this field is our consulting team that offers advice and assistance. Our Security division is one of the pillars of strength for which our Company is widely known in Italy and abroad.

Contrary to what one might think, just to invest in security doors, gates, and barriers is not everything, although this may make people feel protected. But total security comes from the small details, everything that increases the degree of control of the environment in an invisible way. For this reason we invest to increase our know-how in the field of: Infrared, microwave, recording, storage of images and Remote Alert, These are some of the advanced technological innovations in which we specialize, technology that gives the feeling of "non-intrusive" even when people are on the monitored location.

Robustness, Upgrade, Ease of installation, warranty and European certification of our products, these are the elements that constitute the added value of the security systems installed by Meridiana Impianti, for which we have earned the reputation of a company that always knows how to combine quality and affordability in suggesting solutions to its customers, always finding the right quality / price ratio.


  • Perimeter protection systems to triple technology;
  • Systems for fire detection/suppression and gas leaks;
  • Wireless intruder alarm systems;
  • Alarm devices connected with the supervisory institutions;
  • Video surveillance systems with monitoring of Android smartphones and iPhone;
  • Centralized solutions for Banks and metropolitan areas;
  • Control systems and RFID and Biometric access logging;
  • Motorized gates and parking fees for automated teller machines;
  • Systems to read license plates (ANPR);
  • Detection and alarm signal of human presence on ground.
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