Renewable Energy

Meridiana Impianti has always been sensitive to its environment and exploitation. For over fifteen years we have been sensitive to the pollution that has transformed our ecosystem, therefore we have led an environmental policy focusing on renewable energy. This policy, orient our customers to use environmentally friendly and inexhaustible energy sources for electrical production, which helps to save our planet and keep it clean. There are currently incentives in various forms sponsored by the Italian government and Local Authorities. Our company offers qualified technical and management support, providing specific solutions and advanced engineering to create "Electric Workshops" of any size, power and structure in the following energy sectors:

  • Photovoltaic
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Thermal

Meridiana Impianti is always careful to ensure the least environmental impact of its power plants. The integration of photovoltaic systems, the environment and the architectural structures, is in complete harmony and in complete accordance to local rules. Many businesses, still underestimate the opportunities offered by photovoltaics. The roofs, or just any cover from the sun can turn into an opportunity to generate extra profits for the company. The photovoltaic systems designed and installed by our company are not only a viable choice, but also an investment simply to maximize profits, while saving energy. Our experience is the result of a commitment that has evolved day by day, and project by project, with our attention to detail, and continuous improvement.


One of the interesting areas with higher margins of savings is residential and public lighting. To better illuminate while spending less, it is necessary that we rely on the best technologies available today, such as lamps with LED technology. Meridiana Impianti, thanks to its collaborations and experiences abroad in African countries, has installed LED Stand-Alone systems, consisting of photovoltaic module, storage battery and a projector capable of a street lighting system, low environmental impact, and totally disconnected from the mains. We can illuminate, road islands, independently, ensuring low maintenance, high efficiency, excellent color rendering, and without risk of electrical accidents due to high voltages.


  • Grid-connected photovoltaic systems for electrical production with incentives;
  • Installations for the production of energy with wind power generators;
  • Installations for the production of potable water with solar collectors;
  • Design of hybrid generation (conventional + renewable sources);
  • Off-grid power plants for electrical production;
  • Photovoltaic systems for pumping water;
  • Lighting systems with LED technology;
  • Street lighting in a mode Stand-Alone;
  • Photovoltaic Parking with outlets for electric vehicles;
  • Monitoring and control of energy efficiency.
Clean Energy