We assist our clients even after completion of a project. Fully developed modern infrastructures weather they are industrial or commercial, require proper maintenance to preserve the "efficiency" and "value". These factors become of paramount importance, to protect the investment for as long as possible.

Organizations contracting for maintenance benefit from various advantages: first, the security of always having a "system" in optimum condition, and second the option to scale up and improve for future development and expansion, resulting in functional effectiveness and efficiency.

Our maintenance program includes the preplanned replacement of items, upgrading with top-of-the-line devices as the technology changes.

Meridiana Impianti, works side by side with the customer who follows step by step the development of the project. We provide all the assistance in order to benefit from a careful review of the results expected from the investment, because our main goal is never to betray the expectations of the customer.

Our company offers:

  • Availability 24 hours 365 days;
  • Census for installations and structures;
  • Assumption to the Subordinate to the law (Third Head, Declaration 46/90, Security Law 626/94 and additions, ISPESL, Fire Brigade etc.)

In order to introduce our maintenance plan, we offer economically progressive and varied options, before the commitment of a contract for technical support and maintenance with our customers, allowing them to see for themselves the benefits associated with their use.

Meridiana Impianti provides support services, in its basic form for a fixed period of time, usually one or two years, with the reasonable hope that at the end of this period the customer will be very satisfied and will continue to use our services, and the relative cost will be spread out depreciating in the medium term.



The customer can call at any time assistance. Subsequent costs arising from movements on site for inspections, servicing and replacement of components and materials will be evaluated on a case by case basis, estimated and agreed with the customer.


It is a contractual solution that seems more like an insurance policy, covering every possible eventuality totally, including the periodic inspection and maintenance operations and extraordinary repair and replacement of system components.


  • Energetic Division
  • PV and energy renewable Division
  • Security Division
  • Electronic Division