Electrical Systems

Throughout our activities we have constructed and implemented countless electricity distribution networks from the excavation to installation of power lines, with the connection of transformers up to 20 KV, consisting of underground cables or overhead, for connecting to ENEL or from the distribution network of energy produced by his own production plant.

We employ the best industry skills to meet any request for the design and construction of electrical systems in all areas of application: Expansion of distribution panels and control, consumption monitoring for the redevelopment of existing facilities with a view of energy efficiency.

We consider ourselves a company that has the professional skills to stand as a valid interlocutor with both the Public Administration, and Private Sector for the construction of large power plants, in the industrial as well as commercial sectors.

Weather it is an executive office center, clinic, hospital or a large shopping mall; we also install their security systems or we implement their regulatory compliance, resulting in the release of Certifications and Compliance Statements. We design and manufacture equipment for use in residential dwellings, villas, hotels, and buildings.

We offer intelligent solutions for wiring and energy management building (building automation), in accordance to the specific needs of "the project". We can take the design stage through to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to troubleshoot and reduce to a minimum disruption from sudden power failure or disconnect from the mains, a consequence of functional disruption that can result in valuable downtime and the loss of productive activities.

Our goal is to offer our clients and customers one stop "Full Service" Company that addresses all angles of the commissioned works, thereby avoiding problems of coordination with other companies and institutions that often cause delays in delivery and long delays in certification.


  • Wiring of electrical networks in industrial and commercial facilities;
  • Supply and connection of distribution panels of Medium Power;
  • Design and implementation of power factor correction systems;
  • Design of power systems for residential use;
  • Installation of electronic control for power safety;
  • Implementation of lightning protection systems ;
  • Electrical networks for public street lighting;
  • Erection of Lighting Towers in street areas and sports facilities;
  • Analysis of the electrical network and measurement of Energy and Power;
  • Testing and certification of safety according to current regulations.
Energia pulita