Data Transmission

Our solutions have always offered a mix of electronics, high levels of safety and functional scalability, becoming more "intelligent", because they integrate the most innovative devices in the private sector and the industrial world. This has been not only our specialty for many years but also our passion for the innovative technology.

As true pioneers in new methods of remote control, communications, and remote monitoring, we believe we can offer our knowledge, experience and expertise to advice appropriately, to our customers, the best solution to achieve the best cost and benefits.

Our company has demonstrated over the years high capacity in design, implementation and management of major projects of computerization for Public Agencies and Private Companies, implementing their communications infrastructure and service systems in hardware for broadband intranets , personalized services that are specifically required to implement in their work environment (firewalls, mail servers, VOIP, Proxy servers, etc..).

To distribute network services we install certified CAT6 wired systems with a capacity of up to 10 Gbit / s, using shielded cables or fiber optics, inside or outside buildings, data lines for dedicated hardware devices designed to create VPN (Virtual Private Network) to interconnect: remote offices, data centers, decentralized offices for telecommuting. We plan environments with centralized control cabinets Rack mounted, air conditioned and equipped with removable console for administration and maintenance.

Meridiana Impianti uses its own resources to propose projects, both simple and complex, together with a multi-media consulting and assistance, for the extension of LAN systems with Wi-Fi, for the conversion of the backbone fiber optic interconnect, for the migration of telephone services of VOIP protocol to test reliability and security of your network infrastructure.


  • Design and implementation of Ethernet, Token Ring BUS and RS-485;
  • Redevelopment of networks in a mode Wi-Fi up to 5 GHz;
  • Configuring Hot Spot in accommodation and Internet CafĂ©;
  • Installation and configuration of network equipment (Switch, Router and Firewall);
  • Construction of Fax servers and Mail servers;
  • Installing Firewalls and proxy servers;
  • Installation of telephone repeaters for signal GSM / UMTS;
  • Centralized PBX telephone systems with RTG, ISDN and VOIP;
  • Provision of ADSL without phone line with WiMax technology;
  • Testing and certification of cabling by measuring the signal / noise ratio (SNR).
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