Meridiana Impianti is a company that has been in the national and international markets for over twenty years. Our philosophy has the fundamental points of: competitiveness, excellence, Honesty and Transparency. We have qualified staff with wide experience in large systems in the use of high quality materials. They are the best guarantee of what we can offer to the Public or private Industry and private citizens for those technological projects relating to energy facilities that can go from small, medium to large systems.


  • Photovoltaic residential and infrastructure implementation of an "Electric Shop";
  • Electrical systems for commercial, industrial and residential;
  • Implementation of electric panels dedicated for low and medium voltage;
  • Environmental security systems with remote control and fire detection;
  • Design and implementation of lighting systems in residential, commercial and industrial;
  • Public lighting systems and LED networked or stand-alone;
  • Redevelopment of lighting systems for museums and galleries;
  • Project rendering and automation design using GSM control;
  • Internet networks wired with fiber optics and Wi-Fi ISM band;
  • Installation of single phase and three phase generators;
  • Residential, commercial and Industrial Automation Systems;
  • Remote monitoring of electrical systems with analysis of energy efficiency;
  • Advice in Design and certification process.
Energia pulita